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Welcome to Medianet!

All Employees of the DSBN have access to resources in Medianet.

Extensions and renewals to existing orders can be done online if the item is available for the requested period. If you require assistance or encounter a problem with your request:

Contact us:

  • media@dsbn.org
  • Ext 62749 from your school or any DSBN office
  • 905-641-2929 ext 62749 from home or outside the DSBN

For information about kits, literature circles kits, professional library resources or other specific questions, please contact:

For information about booking specialized equipment such as portable lighting kits, followspots, portable sound systems, microphones, or for assistance with your school's audiovisual system please contact:

Medianet Client Agreement

Borrowers have the responsibility to return items on time.
  • Check the You return date on the item's shipping label. If you are unable to return on this date you must request a renewal on-line, by email or telephone. An extension to your booking will be provided if available.
  • Many teachers plan months in advance and late returns are not just an inconvenience, they negatively impact students and their learning; therefore our overdue rules will be strictly enforced. Please be committed to returning your resources on time.
An automated e-mailed pick-up list itemizing resources scheduled for pick-up by the courier on the next school day is provided to the school's office or other designated contact as a reminder.

Late Returns

  • Medianet clients are notified of overdue items via an automated e-mail message five times, once each day starting on the 2nd day the item is late.
  • After 7 days your school's principal or designated contact receives a daily e-mailed list of all of your overdue items.
  • At this point, Medianet will automatically withdraw all of your Medianet privileges. A notice of your change of status to Delinquent will be emailed to you.
When items are returned, Medianet will automatically restore your Medianet services. Booking privileges can also be manually restored if the Media Centre is contacted in a timely manner and a reasonable explanation is offered.

Lost or Damaged Items

The Educational Media and Resource Centre works to maintain each resource so that it is in the best possible condition when it reaches your classroom.

It is understood that from time to time items maybe damaged or lost and to this end, a procedure has been implemented to manage the costs for those situations.

You are encouraged to notify the EMRC team by email if you find any discrepancy after comparing what is in the box from to what is on the label prior to using the resource. You will find included inside the kit, notification for any of the contents that are not included or have been substituted.

In order to maintain resources, the EMRC will institute a fee structure to replace missing and/or damaged parts.

  1. A re-stocking fee of $5 for small parts requiring replacement for the functionality of the resource. This does not include robotics.
  2. 15% of the replacement value if a completely new kit is purchased to replace missing or badly damaged parts. This would happen in the case where it is cheaper to replace everything as a kit or individual parts are not available.
  3. Full replacement cost for parts from a kit purchased individually to be charged. This does include robotics.
  4. Books, lost or damaged, will have a full replacement cost.

All charges will be to your school. An itemized email will be sent to and school administration will be copied on the message.

Please direct all questions to media@dsbn.org or call extension 62749.

Educational Media and Resource Centre, District School Board of Niagara,
91 Bunting Road, St. Catharines, Ontario L2P 3G8
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For further information, contact us at Media@dsbn.edu.on.ca, or phone (905)227-5551 ext. 62749