Medianet Client Agreement

Borrowers have the responsibility to return items on time

  • Check the You return date on the item's shipping label. If you are unable to return on this date you must request a renewal on-line, by email or telephone. An extension to your booking will be provided if available.
  • Many teachers plan months in advance and late returns are not just an inconvenience, they negatively impact students and their learning; therefore our overdue rules will be strictly enforced. Please be committed to returning your resources on time.
  • An automated e-mailed pick-up list itemizing resources scheduled for pick-up by the courier on the next school day is provided to the school's office or other designated contact as a reminder.

Late Returns

  • Medianet clients are notified of overdue items via an automated e-mail message five times, once each day starting on the 2nd day the item is late.
  • After 7 days your school's principal or designated contact receives a daily e-mailed list of all of your overdue items.
  • At this point, Medianet will automatically withdraw all of your Medianet privileges. A notice of your change of status to Delinquent will be emailed to you.
  • When items are returned, Medianet will automatically restore your Medianet services. Booking privileges can also be manually restored if the Media Centre is contacted in a timely manner and a reasonable explanation is offered.

Lost or Damaged Items

  • A notice will be sent to the school principal detailing the replacement cost for any missing or damaged items. This cost may be charged back to your school.
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